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Vote for ALL FOUR of our Candidates on the SAME Ballot for Orange USD Trustee AREA 1, 4, 5, AND 7! 

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We're proud to introduce the 2022 Orange Unified School District School Board candidate team. With decades of educational experience and proven track records of success, Rick Ledesma, Madison Klovstad Miner, Timothy Surridge, and Angela Williams will lead OUSD in the right direction for our students, our teachers, and our community.

We invite you to learn more about these exceptionally qualified candidates, visit their individual websites, volunteer for their efforts, and donate to their campaigns. Together, they'll continue the fight for educational excellence and build on their past successes.

Join Us!

Meet The ousd 2022 Team


Unanimously endorsed by oc board of education

Our four candidates are the only  OUSD candidates to be unanimously endorsed by the entire Orange County Board of Education

endorsed by education leaders:

Trusted by Education Leaders of Orange County Such As...


endorsed by 
civic leaders:

Trusted by Civic Leaders Including...

OUSD Admin Offices

endorsed by
orange unified school district trustees:

Trusted by Orange Unified School District Board Trustees Including...

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for ousd education!

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